A formal qualification in management is gradually becoming an essential prerequisite for career entry just like in engineering and medicine . An MBA is the most sought - after business programme in the world . MBAs can specialize not only in Business Management and Industrial Administration but also in other areas such as Health Care, Administration of public Enterprises, Computer Management , Labour Management , Rural Management , Financial portfolio Management , Personnel Management etc.

Management is all about controlling & coordinating the work of other people in the organization . The manager administers the resources at his disposal in such a way as to maximize efficiency and increase output . The field offers specialization in various branches of business like personnel , Production , Finance, Marketing , Operational Research , Planning, Construction etc.

PERSONNEL MANAGERS Personnel Managers are commonly Human . Resource Managers . Thir duty is to interview & recruit personnel , handle wage & salary administration , handle union - management relations , over see personnel training etc.

FINANCE MANAGERS Monitor the financial aspects of the institution . They administer the cash flow, evaluate the financial health of the company and assess the future prospects of the business.

MARKETING MANAGERS Marketing Managers study the marketability of the product and implement measures to enhance sales.

OPERATIONS MANAGERS Operations Managers are concerned with logistics management . Their duties revolve around inventory control, personnel schedules, resource allocation , product mix and distribution systems. They help to enhance the productivity and performance of an organization .

SYSTEMS MANAGER System Manager uses information Technology resources to achieve organizational goals.

EXPORT MANAGERS Specialize in the professional handling of international business. They are concerned with negotiating and expediting business transactions. There are also other speciali-sation programmers like Environment Management , Forest Management , Hotel management , Hospital Administration, Rural Management etc.

Selection to MBA Selection to the MBA programme is on the basis of performance in a Written Test , Group Discussion and Interview . The IIM's conduct a Common Admission Test (CAT) for admimission to institutions recognized by them. The All India Council of Technical Education ( AICTE) conducts a Management Admission Test ( Mat ) for providing admission to colleges recognized by AICTE . The written test includes questions on English usage & vocabulary , Mathematical Aptitude , Data Interpretation & Reasoning Ability

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