Mexico Scholarships

Mexico Scholarships for Special Programmes for International Students

The Govemment of Mexico is inviting online applications liom Indian national for'2016 scholarships for Special Programmes for Intemational Students' in the following categories:

* Visiting Professor, for specialists, researchers and academics from Higher Education Institutions (HEI) or research centres aboard who have been invited by a Mexican HEI or research cenke to give special lectures, course workshops, seminars. Etc.

* High-Level Conferences, for foreign academics, researchers and experts in order to hold high-level conferences in HEI, research centres, social institutions and /or cultural centres in Mexico.

* Genaro Estrada Grant for Mexican Specialists, for researchers and experts with a wide trajectory in research and publications in any topic relating to Mexico, in order to carry out research in institutions of higher leaming, archives, libraries, research centres and./or cultural centres in Mexico.

* fine Arts Fellowships, for artists with a probable trajectory in the discipline in which they plan to carry out their fine arts project in Mexico.

* Fellowships for Media Collaborators, for working professionals in print and electronic media.

* Improving the Quality of Mexican Higher Education Institutions, for education specialists and intemational education administrators to give conferences, courses and workshops and to exchange experiences and best practices with Mexican administrators and others that contribute to improving the quality, intemationalization of Mexican public higher education institutions.

The last date for submitting applications is 15.09.2016. The applicants are required to submit their application directly through the Acadcmic cooperation Management System of AMEXCID:

For more details & Eligibility, Terms and Conditions please refer the Website : Mexico Scholarships for Special Programmes for International Students


Mexico Scholarships for Special Programmes for International Students