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Active Server Pages(ASP) - Data Base Questions

Dear Visitors herewith we are listing some smaple questions asked during Interview Sessions. This Questions is only for your references. Refer the suitable books and prepare the answers for this questions for your satisfaction.

How can I make my SQL queries case sensitive?

Can I use the NZ() function without getting 80040E14 errors?

Why do I get 80040E37 errors?

How do I deal with MEMO, TEXT, HYPERLINK, and CURRENCY columns?

Why does ASP give me ActiveX errors when connecting to a database?

Why do I get 80040E24 errors?

Why do I get 80040E2F errors?

Why do I get 800A0CC1 errors?

Why do I get 800A0C93 errors?

How do I start SQL Server Agent from ASP?

How do I solve 'Operation must use an updateable query' errors?

How do I enumerate through the DSNs on a machine? How do I connect to a non-default instance of SQL Server? How do I debug my SQL statements? Why does Access give me 'unspecified error' messages? How do I handle BIT / BOOLEAN columns? How do I get the stored procedures out of a database? How do I sort out a query with optional parameters? What is wrong with 'LIKE *'? Why should I avoid NULLs in my database? Which is better, rs(0) or rs("column_name")? Why do I get errors about master..spt_values? How do I create a cross-tab (or "pivot") query? How do I simulate an array inside a stored procedure? When should I use CreateObject to create my recordset objects? How do I get the tables out of a database? How do I handle alphabetic pagination? How do I use a SELECT list alias in the WHERE or GROUP BY clause? How do I change the order of columns in a table? How do I determine if a table exists in a SQL Server database? How do I determine if a table exists in an Access database? How do I return row numbers with my query? How do I get column names and datatypes for a table? Where can I get this 'Books Online' documentation? Why do I get script errors in Enterprise Manager's 'taskpad' view? How can SQL Server tell me which row was inserted last? How do I audit changes to SQL Server data? Should I use for declaring constants? Should I store images in the database or the filesystem? How do I manage changes in SQL Server objects? Which database platform should I use for my ASP application? Why can't I install SQL Server on Windows XP? Can I fix this mm/dd/yyyy <-> dd/mm/yyyy confusion once and for all? How do I document / compare my SQL Server database(s)? How do I upsize from Access to SQL Server? How do I get the nth row in a SQL Server table? How do I know which version of SQL Server I'm running? Why do I get 8004D00A errors? How do I rename a column? Why do I get 80040E14 errors? How do I prevent duplicates in a table? How do I remove duplicates from a table? Why do I get 80040E23 errors? Where can I get basic info about using stored procedures? How do I calculate the median in a table? Which tool should I use: Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer? What should my connection string look like? ===================

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Active Server Pages(ASP) - Data Base Questions

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