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Active Server Pages(ASP) - Forms Questions

Dear Visitors herewith we are listing some smaple questions asked during Interview Sessions. This Questions is only for your references. Refer the suitable books and prepare the answers for this questions for your satisfaction.

Why can't I access Request.Form() when uploading?

What is the size limit of a posted FORM field?

Why won't my TEXTAREA display the data I passed to it from ASP?

When I have multiple submit buttons, how do I tell which was clicked?

Why can't I pre-populate INPUT TYPE=FILE element?

How do I make form fields read-only?

What is the limit on QueryString / GET / URL parameters?

How do I disable certain FORM elements?

How do I pass x-y coordinates to ASP, after the user clicks an image?

How do I iterate through a form collection?

How can I mimic a client-side POST from ASP?

How do I cause/prevent ENTER being used to submit a form?

How do I validate forms using server side script?

How do I validate a credit card number in ASP?

What is the limit on Form / POST parameters?

Why does my form variable become 'value, value' instead of 'value'?

How do I perform spell checking from a web page?

How do I upload files from the client to the server?

How do I make one dropdown depend on another?

Which should I use: Request("item") or Request.Form("item")?

How do I retrieve the name of the form that was submitted?

Why does my input type=text value get truncated?

Why do I get 'HTTP 405 - Resource Not Allowed' errors?

How do I submit forms to a new window, with features?

How do I change the target frame or window of a response.redirect?

How do I disable IE's Autocomplete feature?

How do I retrieve the text and the value from a Powered by