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Sample Interview Questions For JDBC

Dear Visitors herewith we are listing some smaple expected questions asked during Interview Sessions. This Questions is only for your references. Refer the suitable books and prepare the answers for this questions for your satisfaction.

What is JDBC?

Difference between Type-2 and Type-3 driver

How can you make the connection?

What is a transaction ?

How to get the resultset of stroedProcedure ?

How can you create JDBC statements?

What is the difference between JDBC 1.0 and JDBC 2.0 ?

What is the purpose of setAutoCommit( ) ?

How can store images in a data base?

How can you retrieve data from the ResultSet?

What are the two major components of JDBC ?

What are the three statements in JDBC & differences between them ?

Why do we use prepared statement when already statement is present ?

What are the different types of Statements?

What is stored procedure. How do you create stored procedure ?

How can you use PreparedStatement ?

What are the common tasks of JDBC ?

What are batch updates ?

How to call a Stored Procedure from JDBC ?

What packages are used by JDBC ?

What is the difference between Resultset and Rowset ?

Sample Interview Questions For JDBC

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