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Sample Interview Questions For C++

Dear Visitors herewith we are listing some smaple questions asked during Interview Sessions. This Questions is only for your references. Refer the suitable books and prepare the answers for this questions for your satisfaction.

What are C++ storage classes?

What is encapsulation?

What does extern "C" int func(int *, Foo) accomplish?

How do you find out if a linked-list has an end? (i.e. the list is not a cycle)

How do you access the static member of a class?

What is constructor or ctor?

What are storage qualifiers in C++ ?

What is inheritance?

What is multiple inheritance(virtual inheritance)? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Polymorphism?

What is reference ?

What is "this" pointer?

What is the difference between a pointer and a reference?

How can you tell what shell you are running on UNIX system?

What is diff between malloc()/free() and new/delete?

What are the access privileges in C++? What is the default access level?

What is destructor?

What is passing by reference?

How are prefix and postfix versions of operator++() differentiated?

What do you mean by Stack unwinding?

What is the difference between const char *myPointer and char *const myPointer?

What are the conditions that have to be met for a condition to be an invariant of the class?

How can I handle a constructor that fails?

What are proxy objects?

When do use "const" reference arguments in function?

Name some pure object oriented languages.

Name the operators that cannot be overloaded.

What is a node class?

How can I handle a destructor that fails?

What is virtual function?

When are temporary variables created by C++ compiler?

What is an orthogonal base class?

What is pure virtual function? or what is abstract class?

What is a container class? What are the types of container classes?

What is a protocol class?

What is a mixin class?

What is a concrete class?

What is the handle class?

What is an action class?

When can you tell that a memory leak will occur?

When are copy constructors called?

What is Virtual Destructor?

What is the diff between "new" and "operator new" ?

What is a local class? Why can it be useful?

What is a nested class? Why can it be useful?

What is default constructor?

What is copy constructor?

What is difference between template and macro?

Can you think of a situation where your program would crash without reaching the breakpoint which you set at the beginning of main()?

When are copy constructors called?

Can a copy constructor accept an object of the same class as parameter, instead of reference of the object?

Can you overload a function based only on whether a parameter is a value or a reference?

What is assignment operator?

What are all the implicit member functions of the class? Or what are all the functions which compiler implements for us if we don't define one?

What is conversion constructor?

How do you write a function that can reverse a linked-list? (Cisco System)

What is conversion operator?

What are the differences between a C++ struct and C++ class?

Sample Interview Questions For C++

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