Richard Metzler Scholarship

Richard Metzler Scholarship 2016


The Foundation for Excellence in Management Consulting is borne of a commitment by AMCF, the Association of Management Consulting Firms, to advance the practice of management and the art and science of management consulting. As interest in the field has grown, ways of studying and understanding it have grown as well. AMCF established the Foundation to permit financing of important projects to enhance this understanding.

The Foundation may fund projects already under way, or initiate new ones. Projects may be in the form of research, educational offerings, professional development or training programs, scholarships, and seminars. One example of the Foundation's initiatives is the Richard Metzler Scholarship Award. Between one and three scholarships are given annually to graduate school students who exemplify a commitment to the profession, his/her community, and to the understanding of the consultant's role as an agent of positive change.


The deadline for submitting applications is January 22, 2016. The application form may be downloaded using the links provided below. Applications may be filled out electronically, emailed to, or sent to the address provided in the application form.


The primary basis for selection are scholarship and a commitment to management consulting. Other qualities such as initiative, character, responsibility and community service are also considered. The applicant must:

Be matriculated in and currently attending a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a leading institution of higher learning. Students must be matriculated in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program before the application deadline of January 22, 2016.

Demonstrate academic excellence.

Show strong leadership skills and have demonstrated responsible citizenship through community service or related activities.

Show a commitment to pursuing a career in the field of management consulting.

Provide a letter of recommendation from either an academic or professional source.


Richard Metzler Scholarship 2016