Other Scholarships Categories


The amount and number of scholarships to be presented for the current year will depend to a large extent upon the number of applicants and their qualifications. Approximately $40,000 is available, to be distributed in various amounts on the basis of AMA modeling activities, scholastic achievement, and citizenship achievement. All applications will be considered and evaluated by the AMA Scholarship Committee which will then make a recommendation to the Executive Council (AMA's Board of Directors). Currently, the Scholarship Committee is composed of Bob Underwood, Chairman, St. Charles, MO; Jane Morgan, Scotland, PA; Charles Bauer, Norridge, IL; Travis McGinnis, Arvada, CO.

In choosing the recipients for the AMA/Charles H. Grant Scholarship Program, many aspects are taken into consideration. The most desirable applicant is one who is academically superior and also is a participant in many aspects of school, modeling, and the community. The applicants are rated in several major categories, including grade average and test results. High achievement in all of the categories is important for the maximum amount of scholarship awarded to an individual. However, a person who is not right at the top of his class may win a significant scholarship award if he/she is active in the community, or in modeling, or both. All facets are taken into consideration, and a well-rounded person may well be more qualified than one who excels in school grades or only in modeling, but scholarship awards are available separately for any of the three bases for qualification.

To be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must:

* have been an AMA member for the last full 36 consecutive months prior to the April 30 application deadline

* graduate from high school in the year in which the award is to be granted

* have been accepted by a college or university offering a certificate or degree program. Applicants are eligible to receive a grant only once.

* complete pages 1-5, 8 & 9 and not exceed the space provided on any page (unless otherwise noted).

The Charles H. Grant Scholarship Program contains three other grants, which involve additional specific factors for determining the award. One was started in 1988 by the Toledo Weak Signals and is awarded to the top recipient of the AMA/Charles H. Grant Scholarship. The second is the Sig Memorial Scholarship which provides awards based on a combination of modeling achievement and financial need. The third, the Telford Scholarship, is based on participation in competition activity in the AMA and FAI classifications listed on page 9.

All the programs use the information supplied on the AMA/Charles H. Grant Scholarship application to determine the winners. In the Sig Scholarship, however, the scholastic information is not the determining factor. In any case, it is possible for an individual to receive awards in any or all of the programs.

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