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NSBE provides various scholarships to our members through our NSBE and Corporate Scholarship Programs. Individual scholarships range in value from $500 to $7,500.

Scholarships promote academic achievement and not all have a GPA requirement, so we strongly encourage all members to review the listing of scholarships available for application below. Scholarships will be available for ONLINE APPLICATION via your NSBE Online account beginning September 15, 2007. Please note that new scholarships are added throughout the fall, thus we encourage members to check the Scholarships section of your NSBE Online account often for new listings.

One copy of your OFFICIAL transcript or a GPA VERIFICATION letter confirming your current cumulative GPA with your registrar?s signature is required for all scholarships. If you have questions about a particular scholarship, please email us at scholarships@nsbe.org.

For more informations please visit : www.national.nsbe.org

The National Society of Black Engineers - NSBE Scholarships