Aero Club of new England Scholarships

Aero Club of new England Scholarships

Aero Club of new England Scholarships

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In accordance with the objectives set forth in its Constitution, the Aero Club of New England has established a scholarship program to encourage and help support careers within aviation. All scholarships are awarded annually and recipients are selected on the basis of merit and need. ACONE's growing scholarship program provides a wonderful way for the Club and donors to assist deserving young people and to forge lasting relationships that can provide inspiration and support. Thanks to all that have worked to make this important part of ACONE a continued success.

Sources of Funding

Like any charitable endeavor, the ACONE Scholarship Fund is dependent upon the generosity of its benefactors for support. Member donations, the annual Scholarship Auction, and the annual Summer Solstice Hangar Cookout are the primary sources of funding for these scholarships. In addition, some people have chosen to fund a named scholarship to honor a friend, colleague, or loved one.

We invite anyone with an interest in supporting the future of aviation to donate to the scholarship program, either directly or by participating in our fundraising events. All donations are tax deductible. We also invite you to consider endowing a new scholarship to honor someone special within your life, or to include a bequest to the ACONE Scholarship Fund as part of your estate planning. If you wish to make a donation, learn about upcoming fundraising events, or to establish your own honorary scholarship, please contact the Education Committee at...

Twenty Years of Success In the spring of 1987 the Aero Club awarded its first two scholarships for advanced pilot training, with a value of $2,000 each. A mere nineteen years later, thanks to the hard work of the Education Committee, the generosity of the membership in supporting the Scholarship Auction each year, and the generosity of specific members in donating moneys or establishing memorial scholarships, the Aero Club awarded 13 scholarships for a total of nearly $25,000 in the Spring of 2006.


During 2007, ACONE will award fourteen scholarships; nine for pilot training; one for engineering at Daniel Webster College; one for aeronautics and astronautics at MIT; two for aircraft maintenance; and one as a special leadership award presented at specific FAA Aviation Career Education (ACE) camps.

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Aero Club of new England Scholarships