The Environmental Steward Scholarship

The Environmental Steward Scholarship

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The Environmental Steward Scholarship

Each year Sterling College offers full tuition scholarships to incoming students who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental service and volunteerism. Any student who has not previously attended Sterling College is welcome to apply. Approximate value of the Environmental Steward Scholarship is $76,000 over four years.


High school, home-schooled, or transfer students should apply for the Environmental Steward Scholarship if they have...

Participated in environmentally related activities in high school, college, or the community;

Volunteered or worked with organizations involved with environmental education or conservation;

Worked toward living more consciously and lessening his/her environmental impact.

Two full tuition scholarships will be awarded each fall to incoming students who meet admission requirements and demonstrate commitment to environmental stewardship. Students applying for the Environmental Steward Scholarship and enrolling in fall 2008 must be accepted to Sterling College on or before April 1, 2008.


Sterling College is pleased to have the opportunity to award these scholarships to deserving students. This scholarship is strongly related to our mission, "The Sterling College community combines structured academic study with experiential challenges and plain hard work to build responsible problems solvers who become stewards of the environment as they pursue productive lives." With this in mind, our goals are to...

Recognize the positive impact made on local or global communities through strong commitment to an environmental cause;

Facilitate continued environmental stewardship by alleviating the financial burdens of going to college;

Continue to attract environmentally focused students to Sterling College.

Sterling College offers a learning environment that combines traditional and experiential academics. We concentrate on four distinct but inter-related areas of the liberal arts: Conservation Ecology, Outdoor Education and Leadership, Circumpolar Studies, and Sustainable Agriculture. Working closely with their faculty advisors, students explore deeply in a curriculum designed to foster a student?s self direction. All Sterling students have the opportunity to construct the academic pathways that are most fulfilling, challenging, and meaningful to them. Sterling?s academic program is conducted indoors and outdoors, on campus and far afield, and is grounded in the study of the environment and guided by our commitment to the issues and practice of sustainability. Our Internship Program has placed over 600 students in 45 states and 18 foreign countries. Global Field Studies immerse students in cultures to learn about social ecology and environmental sustainability around the world.


To be eligible applicants must be accepted to Sterling College for the fall 2008 semester before April 1, 2008. Scholarship applicants must submit the following:

The Environmental Steward Scholarship Application;

One letter of recommendation;

One essay (see list of essay topics on the scholarship application);

Resume detailing relevant experiences.

In addition, an interview with a member of our admissions staff is strongly recommended. Applicants are welcome to include any other information they feel will assist the scholarship committee in their decision. The entire application and supporting documents must be received on or before April 1, 2008. You may request a paper copy of the application by mail. Simply contact us at 800-648-3591.

Scholarship recipients will be notified on Earth Day?April 22, 2008. Non-recipients will be notified via mail.


Contact: Paul T. Ferrari, Admissions Counselor and Scholarship Coordinator, at or 800-648-3591.

Please note:

The scholarship covers tuition expenses at Sterling College for four years (8 semesters) or, in the case of a transfer student, until completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree, whichever comes first. Scholarship recipients must enroll full-time at Sterling College during the fall semester for which they are awarded the scholarship, stay enrolled continuously, live on campus, and maintain full-time status, a quality point average of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, satisfactory effort grades, and satisfactory progress in the Work College Program.

Students receiving the Environmental Steward Scholarship are responsible for the cost of room, board, and fees. Should federal, state, or other outside aid sources be available and create an over award situation then the Environmental Steward Scholarship will be reduced to eliminate the over award but cover expenses up to the budget total. Recipients of the Environmental Steward Scholarship are ineligible for other Sterling College grants and scholarships

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The Environmental Steward Scholarship