TK&S Foundation Scholarships

TK&S Foundation Scholarships 2006-2007

TK&S Foundation Scholarships


TK&S Foundation Scholarships 2006-2007

To: The Vice Chancellor/Director/Principal / Indian Universities/Institutes/Colleges

Dear Sir,

(Sub: Scholarships for financially under privileged students )

TK&S foundation is giving Scholarships to students since last two years. This year we propose to extend this scheme to all universities and institutes barring as given below

* Indian Institute of sciences, Bangalore, Calcutta , Madras ,Bombay universities

* All Institute of Managements

* All universities/Institutes/Colleges managed by capitation fees

* All privately managed Institutes/Colleges

The scholarships are on financial position of the student or his parents and has nothing to do with the merit of the candidate. Our desire is that the student to complete his/her studies. We would like to give scholarships to students who otherwise will not be able to continue studies.

The foundation do not have unlimited budget. The scholarship amount is a maximum of Rs 10000/- per student. Foundation has no objections if the students gets any other scholarship/financial benefit from the concerned institute or other sources. This should be brought to the notice to the foundation while recommending the students for the scholarships.

Recommendations should come from the head of the university/ institute/ college. The vise chancellors may nominate any senior member from the organization for communication and recommendations of the students for scholarship. Scholarships are open from Oct 1st 2006 to March 2007. The dates maybe closed earlier depending on funds available. Scholarships are to be recommended in the below displayed pro-forma, the foundation would reply back to the institutes with the students selected and the scholarship amounts with in two weeks. The scholarship amount will be dispensed by crossed Demand Draft in the mane of the Institute within 2 months from the date of approval by us. You can correspond with the foundation by email, letters or by phone. Lastly we would like to request you to select students on their financial position only.

Thanks You,

Yours Sincerely,

( T.V.N Rao ) - CHAIRMAN

TK&S Foundation Scholarships 2006-2007