National Overseas Scholarships

National Overseas Scholarships-Grant For ST Candidates 2004-2005

National Overseas Scholarships room No.217-D, D Wing, Shastri Bhawan, rajendra Prasad marg, New Delhi.

National Overseas Scholarships 2004-2005

National Overseas Scholarships-Grant For ST Candidates 2004-2005

Government of India-Ministry Of tribal Affairs - NATIONAL OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIPS/PASSAGE GRANT FOR ST CANDIDATES 2004-2005

Applications in the prescribed format are invited for 10 overseas Scholarships and 4 passage grant from suitable candidates belonging to the following categories.

Sr.No. 1

Category:Scheduled Tribe

No.of Scholarship: 09

No.of Passage Grant: 04

Sr.No. 2

Category:Primitive Tribal Groups

No.of Scholarship: 01

No.of Passage Grant:

The Scholarship is awarded for higher studies abroad in specified field of Engineering, technology and Science and covers cost of tution fee and other educational expenses including maintenance, other grants and travel expenses for various courses at Masters level, Ph.D and Post Doctoral level.

For the passage grant only those candidates are eligible who possess a master or equivalent degree in Technical, Engineering and Science disciplines and are in receipt of merit scholarship for Post Graduate studies, Research or Training abroad ( excluding attending seminars, workshop, conferences).


(i) Bio-technology/Genetic Engineering, (ii) Industrial Environmental Engineering, (iii) Nano-Technology, (iv) Marine Engineering (v) Petro-chemical Engineering , (vi) Plastic Technology, (vii) Cryogenic Engineering. (viii) Mechatronics ,(ix) Automation Robotics including, Artificial Intelligence,(x) Laser Technology, (xi) Low Temperature Thermal Dynamics, (xii) Optometry, (xiii) Art Restoration Technology,(xvi) Composite Materials Engineering including Decentralised Power Distribution (for solar heat) system, Energy Storage Engineering Energy Conservation, Energy Efficient Habitat Engineering.(xvii) Packaging engg /Technology,(xviii) Nuclear Engineering ,(ix) Information Technology including computer Engineering, Software, Software Quality Assurance, Networking/connectivity Engineering, Communication System under Hazardous or Post-disaster conditions. Multi-media communication and (xx) Industrial Safety engineering.


(a) For Post Doctroal : - 2nd class with 50% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Masters Degree. Ph.D and 5 years Research / Teaching / Professional experience in the concerned field.

(b) For Ph.D : - 2 nd class with 50% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Master's degree and 2 years Teaching/Research/Professional experience/M.Phil degree in the concerned field.

(c) For Master's degree : - 2nd class with 50% marks or equivalent grade in relevant bachelor's degree and 2 years work experience in the concerned field.


Below 35 years, as on First day of the month of the Advertisement of the scheme.


Total income not exceeding Rs.18000/- per month from all sources of the employed Candidate or his/her parents/guardians (excluding such allowances as are not treated as part of total income for the purpose of income tax). A copy of latest tax-assessment, be also enclosed with application.


a) Post Doctoral : 1 year and 6 months

b) Ph.D : 3 years

c) Master's Degree : 2 years (extendable to three years)


Only one child of the same parents/guardians will be eligible.Selected candidates will be required to execute a bond with atleast two sureties of an amount of Rs.50,000/- each or the actual amount spent by Government of India, whichever is more. The award can be availed only once by the candidate under the scheme. The candidates are required to make their own efforts in seeking admission in accredited University / Institution aborad. Other details may be obtained on request.

NOTE: Attested copies of the following documents must accompany with applications;

a) Matriculation or other certificate as proof of date of birth

b) Caste certificate from competent authority

c) All Degree/Diplomas/Certificate with mark sheets

d) Income certificate in the prescribed format.In case of passage grant additional information with a statement indicating (i) details of merit scholarship and the manner in which it has been obtained (ii) attested copy of the letter of the award. (iii) Employed candidates must send their applications through employer. In case of final selection, the employed awardee has to sort out himself/herself all administrative matters like study leave, salary etc. with his/her employer. (iv) Application should be sent to the, Selection Officer, Schemes Section. Ministry of tribal Affairs, room No.217-D, D Wing, Shastri Bhawan, rajendra Prasad marg, New Delhi.

Application should reach this Office up to 22 February 2005

Note: The candiates who had applied under the Scheme for the selection uear 2000-2001 are advised to submit their application afresh.

For Application Form Format Please refer Employment News 22- 28 January 2005

National Overseas Scholarships-Grant For ST Candidates 2004-2005