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What is meant by ozonised mineral water?

Ozone is a blue gas with a relative molar mass of 48 and molecular formula of O{-3}.

It converts back into oxygen after its oxidising process. This makes it the most eco-friendly treatment known today.

Ozone is the ultimate in disinfection. When drinking water is treated with chlorine (chlorine is a highly carcinogenic chemical), the residual chlorine in water is also consumed along with the water.

On the other hand ozone, having half the life of only about 20 minutes, unreacted ozone reduces to oxygen, leaving no trace of toxicity in water.

The water is free from chlorine. Ozone reacts with impurities such as micro organisms including bacteria, virus, spores, mould and fungi. Chemicals such as chlorine neutralise them.

As ozone destroys all micro organisms and it removes disagreeable odours, the resultant water is absolutely safe, pure, fresh and healthy. Ozonised water is colourless and odourless.

The advantage of the use of ozone in water is that it does not leave a dangerous chemical residue like many conventional treating chemicals.

Ozone generators produce ozone by passing oxygen through an electrical field.

Then the generated ozone is bubbled through the water to be treated in a specially designed vessel to control rate of injection. The amount of ozone to diffuse in water depends on the contamination of water.

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What is meant by ozonised mineral water?