Scientific Facts,Questions,Answers

Scientific Facts,Questions,Answers

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1. What is nuclear winter?

2. How is heat suddenly generated to the extent of 50,000 Fahrenheit during lightning?

3. How is the light produced when an object is burnt?

4. Diamond is a good thermal conductor. But it is an excellent electrical insulator. How?

5. What is the difference between dial up and broadband Internet connections?

6. When a lighted matchstick is shown before another light source, the shadow of the matchstick is formed on a screen but not the shadow of the flame. Why is it so?

7. Why are fishes not able to survive in distilled water?

8. Why do eggs become hard on boiling?

9. What is the powder like material found on the wings of butterflies? What is its use?

10. Why do our eyelashes and eyebrows never continue to gow unlike hair on our head?

11. Jackfruit is the only fruit that grows also from the tree trunk. What makes this possible?

12. How does one control the movement of hot air balloons?

13. How does remote control in TV work?

14. Why is the power of a loudspeaker expressed in watts?

15. What makes the earth rotate?

16. What is the difference between a sodium vapour lamp, Which gives out a yellowish colour illumination, and a mercury vapour lamp that gives out a white colour illumination?

17. Both Infrared and Microwave bands are invisible to the human eye. Then how are IR and microwave images from remote sensing satellites printed? How do they substitute the wavelenghts?

18. How does lightning affect TVs?

19. Soaps come in different colours. But why is soap's lather always white in colour?

20. Is the mosquito a carrier of AIDS causing virus?

21. Does the change in mother's food affect the baby?

22. What is Radio Therapy?

23. Since clouds contain tiny water droplets, why are rainbows not permanently present?

24. How does the solar wind affect Earth?

25. How do icebergs form?

26. Why is fire hot?

27. How is sex determined in dioecious plants?

28. How does the camel walk in the desert easily?

29. How can we test the purity of honey?

30. What is meant by ozonised mineral water?

31. Why do lips become dry during winter?

32. Why do houseflies rub their front legs together?

33. How does a lightning arrestor work?

34. Like ordinary paints do metallic paints also fade?

35. What is the difference between tv screen and computer monitor?

36. What is the pH of rainwater? Is the pH suitable for drinking?

37. In the past, why was injection administered in the stomach for dog bite?

38. How does scratching cure itching sensation?

39. Why does sea water not erode coastal areas in all places?

40. Do animals also have blood groups like humans?

41. What is Computer Simulation Technique?

42. How does Ballast-Less Track provide safe travel?

43. How do certain species of birds such as humming birds, terns, gulls and kestrels remain in the air without a forward motion?

44. How is carbon dioxide removed from blood before it is exhaled?

45. Why is the Earth's core hot? What caused it to heat up? Is it still heating, or now cooling?

46. Why does rain come in drops and not in a continuous stream?

47. What are polaroid sunglasses made of?

48. Why is the @ symbol used in an email address?

49. How does the solar wind affect Earth?

50. How do touch screens work?

Scientific Facts,Questions,Answers