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What is Nucelar Winter?

Nuclear explosions trigger a horrendous chain reaction. The instantaneous outcome is the thermal and blast effect annihilating everything in and around the area. The mushrooming cloud due to the explosion rises high into the stratosphere, spreading out vast quantities of soot and radioactive debris. Some of the debris fall back to the ground as rain out. The soot and other particles suspended in the atmosphere would block sunlight and lower the global temperatures steeply to subzero levels, ushering in wintery conditions over the planet. This sequence of events has been termed as "Nuclear Winter". As a consequence, photosynthesis would stop leading to the destruction of all green plants.

Subsequently oxygen regeneration would cease and carbondioxide would accumulate. Earth's radiation balance and heat budget would get altered leading to drastic changes in the global circulation pattern. the seasonal monsoons and tropiacl rains may disappear. the duration and extent of the nuclear winter scenario would depend on the location, season and intensity of the explosion.

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What is Nucelar Winter?